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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  May 25, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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door in his apartment building on the other side of that door, police say a woman and a baby. now, this is mcdonald leaving the jail about an hour ago. michelle roberts joins us outside that jail in san jose with more. >> reporter: ray mcdonald spent the afternoon here he was here for several hours. bailed out about an hour and a half ago. investigators say he's cooperating with police. now, police are just trying to figure out exactly what happened early this morning inside the santa clara home. >> how y'all doing. >> ray mcdonald has been cut from the chicago bears, six months after the 49ers took him off the roster due to what team officials called a pattern of poor decision-making. today he ran from reporters outside the santa clara county jail after making bail. >> ray mcdonald was arrested for a misdemeanor domestic violence. >> police lieutenant kurt clark says police were called to his home just before 4:00 a.m. investigators believe he
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assaulted a woman who had a baby in her arms. >> tried to locate mr. mcdonald. but he wasn't there. he had fled after the incident. >> officers later found him in san jose with his former teammate justin smith. according to a statement from mcdonald's lawyer there was at least one witness who claims there was no physical contact between mcdonald and the mother of his child. mcdonald's lawyer went on to say, "i suspected this may be an effort to manipulate the custody and support issues that are currently pending between the two. last august mcdonald was arrested on felony domestic violence charges and in december he was named a suspect in a sexual assault case. legal expert steven clark says if the case goes to court, mcdonald's criminal history will likely be used as key evidence. >> if there were prior acts of violence that were not prosecuted, they can still come out and be used as evidence to show that mr. mcdonald has a propensity to be violent towards
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women. >> no matter how the case plays out in court, the bears general manager made it clear the team has a zero tolerance policy. saying, "we believe in second chances. but when we signed ray, we were very clear what our expectations were if he was to remain a bear." . >> reporter: legal experts say domestic abuse can be difficult to prosecute if the victim won't testify. if a minor is involved child protective services can get involved and actually encourage them to speak up. reporting live michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. >> thank you michelle. we broke this story on twitter and our apps this morning. if you want to get breaking news alerts all you need to do is download the app on your smartphone. it is free by the way. >> a neighborhood on the peninsula has been evacuated this evening after a gas main break. pg and e crews are on the scene
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where a car crashed into the gas meter outside one of the homes. fire crews are also on the scene as a precaution. there have been in reports thus favre any power outages. >> new at 6:00 tonight, two arrests after a violent home invasion robbery in newark. police believe the two here used a gun to pistol whip the owners of a home. later, they say the video caught both men attempting of a home invasion two miles away. both incidents happened earlier in the month. investigators used the video of that second attempt to identify priors. another dead whale washed up on the coast. seven whales in the past six weeks. the question tonight, why is this happening? the latest whale was discovered this weekend at portuguese beach near bodega bay. jodi hernandez is near the area with answers. jodi? >> reporter: raj, at the moment scientists really don't have any answers as to what may be behind
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all the beached whales. right down the hill from where we're standing as you can see, the latest whale to wash ashore. it has attracted quite the attention for memorial day beach-goers today. a scientists try to figure out what's causing the big mammals to get beached. >> and sad for it. everyone is. >> that's how people visiting portuguese beach in sonoma county are feeling after a 28-foot juvenile gray whale washed on shore over the weekend. >> i think it's kind of cool to see the whale. but i don't know like why they're washing up on shore. it's kind of interesting. >> this family drove over from santa rosa to see the whale for themselves. they have been intrigued by all the whales washing on to the shores of the west coast. at least seven in the past five weeks alone. >> it's kind of alarming. kind of wondering why this is going on. >> scientists at the marine mammal center took a sample from the latest whale carcass.
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they've been collaborating with marine mammal experts up and down the coast including humboldt state university professors. he talked to us by phone. >> i'm not sure if this is a natural experience or if it's something happening. i feel really hopeful that we'll determine that when we get the -- >> the gray whale population is very robust. it may just be a natural occurrence or there may be a pathogen or disease in the ocean waters that are warmer than normal thanks to an off shore el nino. beach-goers and whale watchers who like to know what's going on. >> we put flowers on top. kind of sad. sad to see. >> we're back here live where you can see what is left of that juvenile gray whale. we're told it likely washed ashore sometime friday night or early saturday morning. now, again though we've had a
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number of cases, scientists say they don't have enough information to cause any concern or alarm. they say it will likely take weeks before they have some answers. reporting live in sonoma county i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> jodi thank you. incredible to see. this is the fourth dead whale that washed ashore on bay area beaches. they are migrating north and may is the tail end traditionally of their journey. the whale makes one of the longest migrations of any mammal on earth. thousands travel from their breeding grounds in mexico all the way up to alaska which is more than 5,000 miles. it's about to get dicey. firefighters are using this holiday weekend to remind us all it's time to get ready for fire season. that means protecting your own home with defensible space. several firefighters battled three big fires last week all coming dangerously close to homes. two of them just this past weekend in the eastern part of the city. officials say the conditions are ripe for a fast moving fire. so that we're bringing the a
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little bit of rain. >> we've had a little bit in the morning hours and still in that pattern. at least the short term fire danger. a strong drought here across the bay area that contra costa and alameda and other counties under the highest threat of immediate fire dangers just because it is so dry out here. what we have in place is a region of high pressure as we -- that's going to keep the storm track away. no rainfall with that in place. thursday, friday, saturday sunday i expect the fire danger to be the highest throughout the week. winds 10 to 20 miles per hour. it's not the driest out of east. but the winds out of the west southwest. the other thing we're tracking, trfrs surging 75 to 85 degrees. full details and the full forecast in about 15 minutes. >> see you then. new at 6:00 tonight, less than an hour from now, another more cal day ceremony will be held in
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the east bay. battered and weather -- we are there live and it's a moving memorial. >> we've seen people drop by here all day. this happens not just on memorial day but every day. although some make it a tradition to stop by here on memorial day. this place started with only a handful of cross this is 2006. take a look at it now. it's grown to nearly 7,000. each one representing a soldier who sacrificed their life for this country. >> how do we not remember those who have given -- and what the cost of war is. i think what it does is makes the war and wars visible. >> every day visitors come from all over the country to the memorial known as the crosses of lafayette. >> i hope it stays forever.
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it's a little bit funky but heartfelt. >> started planting the crosses here in 2006. the plan was to take them out when the war ended. >> it's become such an important monument almost a sacred site over the years that people get upset when you talk about taking the crosses down. >> a committee has been formed to discuss the creation of a formal memorial and decide what to do with the thousands of wooden crosses, many of which are rotting and need to be replaced. meantime, the u.s. still has troops in iraq and with the rise of isis there's talk about sending even more. >> i especially really feel for the soldiers who went to iraq following their hearts to sacrifice themselves for our country and then here the mission doesn't seem to have accomplished anything close to what we were told it was going to accomplish. >> isis sees two key cities in iraq this past week and defense
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secretary ashton carter appeared to admit iraq would not be able to defeat them alone. at a memorial day ee strength in fremont, people had mixed feelings about whether the u.s. should consider sending more troops into a new battle. >> i'm not sure if we should go back. but we left too soon. we should let them fix these problems on their own. maybe a little guidance from us. but i think we've given enough to them that they need toighten out their own situation. >> the memorial day ceremony here at the crosses of lafayette is set to begin at 7:00. but the memorial itself is open every day all day. live in lafayette kimberly carry, nbc bay area news. the numbers are changing. the owner of the oil pipeline near santa barbara said the company spilled less oil than previously believed. plains all-american pipeline said at worse it spilled 101,000 gallons of oil long the coastline. that's about 4,000 gallons less
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than the original estimates. the company says it's drained all of the remaining oil in the ruptured pipeline. and now the public will begin training this week to help in that massive cleanup effort. imagine rowing from san francisco all the way to hawaii by yourself. then imagine that you're not stopping. that's just a halfway point. the story coming up on this edition of nbc bay area news. here's a live look at 880 in oakland. some of the folks coming back from their holiday weekend. the cost of getting from here to there may soon jump for you dramatically. there's a new proposal. yes, for another california gas tax. i'm scott budman on this memorial day. coming up we'll show you how the bay area honored our nation's veterans.
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-opener to say
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the least. so what now? how about rowing her way from japan, yes, all the way to san francisco. nbc bay area's mark matthews is in the rowing spirtd and joins us from the bay. >> she's just 30 years old, sonya and about to attempt 5700 nautical miles from japan to san francisco in a row boat. >> i have really high hopes for what's about to happen. >> what's about to happen will be a first if she makes it. no woman has ever crossed the pacific nonstop all on her own. i asked her what she fears most. >> i would say losing my boat. that's one. because i've spent three years of my life creating this thing. >> what she's created is a 23-foot floating data collector. every 30 minutes her boat will beam back ocean temperatures and weather information to scientists studying the affects
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of global warming. as she puts it just being a contributor. >> contribute to the body of knowledge and we can help solve major problems we have on earth right now. >> she tells me her parents and friends are behind her. but still, four to six months with no support boat no real backup. it seems so risky. and there she corrected me saying, three years of risk management have gone into this. >> involved with walking across a city road. it all depends on how you want to use the moments that you have in your life and that this moment in my life right now. >> ideally when she comes in she comes in here to the south end rowing club where this row boat is headed right now. reporting from san francisco bay, mark matthews, nbc bay area news. >> very nice. sonia is going to go farther than mark. if you want to track they are across the pacific, several months here, go to our website. we have a link to get you connected at
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it's a big loss for the california highway patrol. one of its officers drowned while sub a diving over the weekend. 54-year-old jeffrey rio was a 27-year chp veteran. he was diving in a cove at salt point state park in sonoma county. one of his friends found him unresponsive floating at the surface. rio was not only a chp officer but also a marine corps veteran. the man suspected in the gypsy hill killings may finally go to trial. it's taken nearly 40 years, but next week a redwood city judge will hear from mental health experts as to whether suspected killer rodney hall bour is fit to stand trial. he's charged with murdering two of the six women killed during a murder spree in 1976. the bodies found on gypsy hill road in pacifica. he has still yet to enter a plea. not only significant and
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important but emotional. across the country, here in our own backyard san francisco's annual ceremony in the presidio included this 21-gun salute and this parade led by the 19 isst army band. it commemorated the anniversary of the end of world war ii and the 40th anniversary of the end of the vietnam war. also a large community of veterans in the south bay and they were active today. >> nbc bay area scott budman is in santa clara with more on the many touching ceremonies. >> jessica and raj, good evening. people from all over the bay area took at least part of their day today to remember the sacrifices made by our nation's veterans. >> god bless america ♪ >> for chris, it was a memorial day to remember. >> i was in the navy for 26 years. >> part of a celebration at great america to honor veterans for their service. >> i already kind of have goose bumps and chills. i'm honored to have been able to
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have served my country and for a great america and san jose and the nation to recognize it the thanks are wonderful. >> among those honored, mack mccoy who was a bodyguard for general george patton. >> he wanted to talk to us, every other word was a cuss word. i admired him greatly. >> in san jose, a memorial day service at oak hill memorial park. >> we give thanks for their lives. we remember brothers and sisters who sacrificed freedom and justice alike. >> to pass on the respect from generation to generation. >> i'm fortunate we only recognize our veterans a -- unfortunate that we only recognize them a couple times a year. >> today they were recognized. and in some cases even brought together. >> veterans and their families were offered free admission to
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great america today as well as to our nation's national parks. reporting live in santa clara, scott budman nbc bay area news. >> very nice to see. thank you, scott. >> let's turn things over to jeff. talk about the weather. boy, it does not feel like memorial day. so chilly outside still. >> it was chilly near the immediate coastline, the peninsula. we still did manage to get in on low to mid-70s for the interior valley. that's where the most warmth was. at 6:19 we're seeing the widespread fog at the immediate coastline. also beginning to push back across the bay bridge and the golden gate bridge. at this time of the night, this thick, you can expect more of the fog tomorrow morning. let's get you outside of the sky camera network and some of the most sunshine continues across the south bay. in silicon valley, you know what i'm talking about. it was a great day with the barbecue fired up and you had friends and family over. 64 degrees right now. clear skies at mt. hamilton. let's take you into the forecast. we're getting back to work or
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school tomorrow. you'll be able to see on the school forecast we'll have slightly warmer temperatures especially in the tri-valley with sunny skies and 74. for the south bay 73. in the north bay, looking at 72. taking you into the -- it's going to get hotter this week. by thursday and friday upper 70s and low 80s and sunny skies. for the peninsula, we'll see temperatures in the upper 70s by friday. doesn't look like any 80s at least throughout the workweek. san francisco, there's no way it's going to get hotter. we keep that cool westerly wind through the week and that's going to mean 60s in the forecast. for the north bay, east shore and the tri-valley, check it out, raj and jess. mid-80s expected by friday's forecast. how much hotter for the weekend in 25 minutes. >> already talking about the weekend and it's monday. i like your style. >> raising the gas tax. the problem one local lawmaker is determined to fix by getting drivers to pay more at the pump. plus a consumer alert tied to a popular sandwich chain with
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surveillance cameras found a meat manufacturer doing that prompted recalls.
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it's a busy day. gas station as cross the country and if you've filled up lately prices are on the rise. but it could even be worse. aaa says a gallon of unleaded gas is $3.78 in san francisco write now. last memorial day, drivers paid 50 cents more a gallon. in san jose the current average is $3.66. a year ago, that average was nearly $.50 more. drivers in oakland seeing a similar trend. the highest number of californians hit the road since 2005. you might have encountered potholes and other deteriorated road conditions, the worst in the nation. one local legislator wants to increase our gas tax toss deal
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with this issue. larry ger sten is with us. tax is usually a taboo word here. >> according to the american association of state highways and transportation, raj california roads now rank 49th among the 50 states beating only new jersey. now, much of this is due to deferred maintenance which now totals $59 billion and is growing every single year. now, there's a cost. there's a cost here because of our poor roads. the average california driver pays $509 annually for road caused problems. compare that with the nation's average of 3$335. >> we're already paying a hidden tax. >> what's the plan and how much is it going to cost? i believe this involves the volt and tesla, electric cars. >> no question about that. one is garnering considerable attention. that's the one proposed by south
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bay state senator jim bell. now, here are the major elements of the bell proposal. first of all, increase the state gasoline tax by $.10 a gallon and increase annual motor vehicle fees by $35 and yeah, as you mentioned, third, charge electric cars and other zero emission vehicles $100 annually. there you have it. it would raise about $3 billion every year. it would sunset after five years. it wouldn't solve the $59 billion shortfall, but you know what it certainly would make a dent. >> let's get back to what we started with. increasing taxes in a state high with taxes. how do you pitch that to the public and the fellow legislators? >> look, there are a couple of issues here. the fact of the matter is california already ranks first in gasoline prices. you can't get around that. it ranks second in gasoline taxes, you can't get around that either. but look proponents claim that the taxes would go a long way toward reducing costly repairs.
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the ones we talked about. and you know what in a sense it boils down to something like pay now or pay later. the only question is whether the legislature will move forward or it's one of the most politically sensitive taxes in car crazy california. >> as the governor likes to say we can kick the can down the road. perhaps we need to pay for it at some point. >> thank you larry. a despicable crime. a statute of jesus stolen off the cross. why they think it was taken. dramatic video of life or death rescues. the search for people after a weekend of heavy rains and flash floods. it's not over yet. right now, more severe weather is moving through texas and oklahoma. the latest on the devastation coming up.
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after a weekend of close calls, firefighters are once again sounding the alarm about our summer fire season. memorial day, as you probably know is considered the unofficial start to summer. here's the forecast. it could be a very dangerous few months ahead of us. brush fires over the weekend came dangerously close to homes, specifically in east san jose. prompting firefighters to issue an urgent call to do your own part to help. nbc bay area's nanette miranda is there. what's the response so far in
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that neighborhood? >> reporter: so far people are getting the message. there's nothing worse than a fire threatening your home to serve as a wake-up call. it's interesting to note behind me a fire was barreling down that hillside. it stopped short of where the bushes are nice green and healthy. flames reached as high as 20 feet in the air when a fire in an empty lot near the east ridge mall broke out yesterday afternoon. they were fueled in part by dry overgrown weeds worsened by the california drought. >> always made sure that i keep all the weeds down. there's no weeds around my home. >> kirk ericsson those that will be helpful this fire season. helpful for firefighters and they want everyone to do exactly that. use the holiday weekend to -- get rid of the dead stuff around their homes. >> if it's nice and green and full of water, it's not going to burn as easy. when it's dry and yellow, then it's going to go like that. >> with so much of california
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dry and yellowy brown because of the drought, conditions are ripe for a very bad fire season. cal fire says already more than 1400 fires have broken out statewide since january to mid-may this year. it was about 1200 during the same period last year. the five-year average is just 885. a fire came close to the richie's home on saturday motivating them to get rid of the flammable dry grass and weeds today. because of the rest of the summer worries them. >> yes, it does. i'm afraid that sometime a fire may catch here. just -- it's so possible nowadays. >> it's also getting them to think about an evacuation plan. >> maybe we should have more stuff more ready. ready to go right away. >> of course the dilemma is how do you keep your plants nice green and healthy when you're supposed to cut back on water usage during the drought. residents are still trying to figure out that balancing act. live in san jose, nanette
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miranda miranda, nbc bay area news. more protests and arrests expected tonight. oakland police made a few arrests as demonstrators defied the get tough policy. on both saturday and sunday nights officers watched as protesters walk several blocks downtown beginning in the plaza. 150 people marched before organizers ended the event. no reports of injuries or vandalism. but four people were arrested and another 19 citations given out. mayor libby shaft wants to keep the protesters from marching into streets at night to make sure there's no vandalism. she says daytime demonstration rs still welcome. where did jesus go? a church is still looking for a missing statute of jesus. the church of the transfigure ration had a bronze metal sculpture ripped off the cross just before mass last wednesday. the cross sat outside the property for some nine years before it was taken. parishioners believe the bronze statue was stolen by thieves looking to sell it as scrap
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metal. the statues and figurines on the property not touched. mystery skofld in southern california. rescuers found the couple who spent two weeks stranded in the wilderness. 79-year-old cecil knutson and his 68-year-old wife survived by eating oranges and drinking rainwater. sadly, knutson died before rescuers found the couple's car in an off-road area just yesterday. they got lost on mother's day while taking a shortcut from a casino to their son's home. we're following the developing news in texas. the search is on for a dozen people including three children after some severe flash floods that washed them away. three others confirmed dead in the southwest. we're joined with more on the devastation. janelle? >> residents are not in the clear yet. more rain is falling in texas right now. causing flooding problems in the larger cities of austin and dallas. but the real devastation just south of there in towns just along the rivers, as you can see, bridges completely washed
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away, homes gone. people missing. >> comb the blanco riverbank looking for any sign of people washed away. among those, a mother and two children in wimberly texas. the home they were staying in for the hol bay weekend was lifted off its foundation. >> there's still rescue operations in play. we're going to keep it in a rescue posture. >> local officials call it historic and catastrophic flooding. hundreds of homes just outside of san antonio swept away or severely damaged. the cities of wimberly and san marcos hit the hardest. >> the fact that the water came up this high flattened houses and buildings and i mean that's devastating. >> the weekend was full of rescues. >> oh, my god. >> stop stop stop. he needs to get out. >> including the driver of this suv. dramatic video captured the car
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swallowed up as the driver tried to cross a flooded street. good samaritans saved the elderly driver inside before the car washed away. >> in oklahoma tragedy. floodwaters swept away veteran firefighter captain jason farley as he tried to save residents in their flooded home. it's hard to imagine jason is not here. >> the texas governor has declared a state of emergency. he called the destruction absolutely massive and compared it to a tsunami. officials say the death toll could have been worse if not for an emergency alert system which automatically phoned and warned residents to evacuate immediately. jessica? >> thank you very much janelle. a solemn memorial day holiday in and around the nation's capitol. as it done every memorial day, the president laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknown. then a few blocks away at the vietnam memorial wall the
6:36 pm
postal service unveiled new stamps honoring the elite who earned the medal of honor. the president note thad today is a special memorial day. >> today is the first memorial day in the 14 years that the united states is not engaged in a major ground war. >> what we now refer to as memorial day dates back to the years following the civil war. coming up local wineries taking a creative and drastic measure during our drought. they're using wastewater to make wine. >> his life changed forever. how a chance meeting between a young man from an african slum and a bay area movie star gave minimum new opportunities.
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let's take you outside as this holiday weekend comes to a close. good news for drivers. this is the san mateo bridge. yes, those are cars moving on it because it's open again. cal trans closed the bridge friday night for repairs and maintenance. traffic moving in both directions by 5:00 this morning. well a popular bay area sandwich chain is facing a meat recall. lee's sandwiches is recalling 200,000 pounds of chicken, beef and pork. the usda says surveillance cameras caught the manufacturer marking products as federally inspected when they weren't. the recall includes all meats sold in the past year. the 14 locations in the bay area and was found north dakotaed in san jose. would you notice if your next glass of wine was made with wastewater. some are using it to grow grapes. the so-called gray water treated
6:40 pm
at the american water reclamation facility isn't clean enough to drink, but a filtration system uv treatment and a dose of chlorine makes it clean enough to irrigate. the treated water is half the price. >> we're only using good quality water. it just has a perception that it's been passed through people. >> have you ever tasted it? >> no. i haven't. >> we'll see. perception sometimes is reality. american canyon invested $10 million into this recycled water system. the city will spend $3 million more to upgrade and expand it because of the droughts. >> the animals are popping by the vineyards anyway. >> i was going to say. >> how much are you going to get out of there. >> fertilize -- might be a boost. >> exactly. well you guys fog, sun, fog, sun, we've been stuck in this pattern. check it out. in san francisco, you can see the thick clouds are back and areas of drizzle. we'll talk more about the fog forecast for the morning and also details on when it's going
6:41 pm
to get much hotter in just a few minutes.
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as you know, it is graduation season. for one student the journey to a degree and new life began with a chance encounter with a bay area actress. >> it was in africa at a small village. here's the story. >> one of the great mysteries of life. some call it kiz met, some happenstance. >> one chance one goal. >> it was in the an urban klumslum in africa. the challenges included hills of
6:44 pm
garbage, sewage running in the streets and as he knew all too well few opportunities for education. >> makes it difficult for you to aspire to do good stuff. >> even in his small world, he carried big dreams of becoming an actor. maybe even one day going to university. >> my dreams are always bathed in hollywood. >> then one day, hollywood came here he got a bit part in a film called lost in africa partially shot in his slum. on the film set, he struck up a friendship with the starve the film a veteran of movies like gladiator. >> obviously, immediately, likeable. when i asked him, you know what his plans were for the future he just had that one dream of going to college. and i said i would see what i could do. >> she was moved by the intense poverty she witnessed, the slivers of human spirit shining beneath the filth. she founded the human needs
6:45 pm
project, as well as the road to freedom scholarship to put the children through school. then she made good on her promise to him. helping him get a scholarship to dough minian university and bringing him to live in her tiburon home. >> sitting right next to the stereo that his mom sold so he could get his exam. >> most of my classes are in there. >> he took opportunity and devoured it. he made the dean's list for four years. started a radio show founded a campus soccer club became a student ambassador vice president and worked his way through five internships. >> just from a boy living in the slum to go to the united states. no matter where you're from you drink the valley. >> this year on the graduation day, it was nielsen who took the stage. >> it is with pride i introduce
6:46 pm
my -- >> four years ago, i left my family, my friends culture and everything else in africa just to fulfill higher education in america. >> i tell her every day she's my hero. i wanted to make especially my mom, the beautiful connie nielsen, proud. >> he still dreams of going to hollywood to pursue an acting career but at nielsen's urging his next stop will be grad school. >> incredibly, i'm so proud to see him standing here today. >> he hopes to bring to others the same lightning bolt of opportunity his american mom brought to him. >> by the things that i've done at dominican and all the achievements, that's my appreciation and that's my love to her. >> joe rosato jr., nbc bay area news. that is impressive. >> what a nice story. >> so inspirational. let's bring in jeff ranieri. we talked about this memorial holiday that's so emotional. >> on the doppler radar, we're
6:47 pm
tracking areas of fog. if you're visiting folks in the south bay or east bay where we had sunshine and low 70s and heading back towards san francisco, you want to know we have areas of drizzle, pretty numerous throughout the golden gate bridge and the bay bridge. need the wipers for a little bit tonight. take you outside the sky camera network now, we currently have temperatures in the 50s and 60s. you can see how thick that cloud cover is again from the castro in san francisco looking right back towards downtown. so we're not going to see it budge for tomorrow. let's go ahead and take you into the morning forecast. a lot of us get back to work and also school and you'll find numbers will be starting on the cooler side with temperatures in the 50s. right around 50 in the north bay, east bay 53 and the south bay 52. the drizzle in the peninsula and also san francisco will be persistent right through the morning hours. we can show you that further on the forecast as we get you going on that tuesday. it is locked in at the immediate
6:48 pm
coastline, also for marin, napa and sonoma counties. contra costa alameda also clouded in. possibly not as much for san jose but we can't rule out the patchy clouds. throughout the day, increased sunshine throughout the interior valleys. but the word of warning comes if you're heading anywhere near the immediate coastline. that's where you still will need that jacket as the fog will stay in place. so the micro climate forecast. i think one of the sunniest spots throughout tuesday is here in the south bay with san jose at 73 degrees. los gatos looking good at 75. morgan hill 74. for the peninsula, partly cloudy in palo alto. not bad. 72 degrees. head to pacifica. it's cold with temperatures in the 50s. for san francisco, upper 50s and low 60s. if you head to downtown so ma we should manage sunshine and 61 degrees. that's where the jacket comes in tomorrow san francisco. north bay east bay and the tri-valley, napa expecting 72
6:49 pm
degrees for a high. if you're extending that memorial day holiday into tomorrow, nice day out there at the vineyards. santa rosa 70 degrees. not as warm in -- still a breeze off the bay keeping your numbers down. the east bay, 70 in lafayette. sunny skies by the afternoon and the tri-valley looks the warmest here. livermore expecting 75. and pleasanton 72. hotter weather is coming our way this week due to high pressure. once it builds in there's no hope of any kind of rainfall. at least over the next five to six days here in the forecast. let's go ahead and take a look at the extended friday, saturday and also on sunday. for the south bay, low 80s on friday and saturday. san francisco, still can't do it. still can't get you warm weather. you should be in the 60s this tiechlt year. tri-valley, 85 degrees by saturday. for the north bay, 85 and also 84 there as we head through the upcoming weekend. if you're traveling down south this week, any of the viewers should know palm springs going to see a huge surge in the heat.
6:50 pm
107 by saturday's forecast. so raj and jess we're getting hot weather. but at least it's not triple digits. >> 107 in palm springs? >> yeah. >> wow. thanks jeff. let's talk giants baseball. big win for the giants and the a's. the giants arrived in milwaukee at 1:00 a.m. but the bats were just fine. they woke up in a big way. stay with us.
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it's a showman i of us grew up watching. reading rainbow encourages kids to read. now there's a digital library that your kids can read online. known os the sky brar i. it offers 500 books and 150 videos. all appropriate for kids ranging from ages 3 to 9. a subscription costs $9.99 a month or send a $50 for a year's subscription. there's a free 14-day trial to check it out. remember, you had to do it on the little paper and you would check it out. now you can do it online. >> you're dating yourself now. >> we're joined for the newsroom. it's a holiday, henry says i
6:54 pm
want to work and grind through it. >> that's the kind of man he is. >> that's how auto rumors get started. i'm the laziest guy. i tried not to work. when you're the lowest guy on the totem pole you have to work on hol caseidaysholidays. that's why i'm here today. we're happy to see you raj and jessica. sports arrived in chicago until 1:00 a.m. they were on the field just 12 hours later. buster posey had the day off. but the rest of the g-men brought their bats to the yard. we've got highlights this memorial day action. giants and the brew crew. top of the 6th is where we pick it up. giants down 4-1. matt duffy singles to center. can't handle it. two runs come in. so that made it a one-run ball game. giants got fire after that. they scored seven runs on six hits and a walk in the inning. that's what you say. my goodness, they're playing like a champion all over again. hunter pence capping things off with a double off the wall and
6:55 pm
left. two runs score. giants win 8-4. that's your final. >> pretty exciting to watch guys go out there and take good hacks, especially on april tough day like this. they just kind of fed off the energy and kind of kept reading through to the rest of the lineup. it was exciting to watch. >> well, before the game today, they designated travis ishikawa for assignment. he was done with his rehab assignment and the giants need today make a move. if no team claims the hero the giants hope he'll accept an assignment to aaa sacramento. more baseball for you. tigers and a's in oak town. returning to the coliseum. he got a standing ovation from the crowd. that was really classy out there. i love that move big time. first at-bat for cespedes reaches on the muncie error. went 0 for 3 with a walk. a's up 3-0.
6:56 pm
there was an rbi double. a four-run frame. meanwhile, jesse hahn was dominant on the mound. a complete game four-hit shutout. first career shutout for him. a's win 4-0. the cal bears are returning to the ncaa tournament for the first time in four years. cal is going into the post-season as the number 3 seed in the texas a&m regional. the bears who are 34-19 this season will open the double elimination round against coastal carolina friday morning at 10:00. all right. old school warrior fans don't need a great mem troy recall what he were doing exactly, and i mean exactly 40 years ago. it's pretty simple. think back to what you were doing the last time the warriors won the nba championship. may 25th 1975. the warriors won the title after sweeping the washington bullets. rick berry was the mvp of the
6:57 pm
finals. it's the only championship the warriors have won since moving to the bay area in 1962. but that might change. score update from houston. game 4 between the rockets and the warriors. warriors are trailing big right now. 55-36. steph curry just got injured. hit his head on the court. this is breaking news right now. when they come back from the break, we'll actually have an update a little bit later. steph curry who is averaging 29 points in the playoffs he's injured. we'll have an update for you a little bit later. 1975 great great year. thanks for watching nbc bay area. raj, jessica, we'll see you a little bit later. >> thank you, had enry. we'll keep you posted on that injury as we speak in houston, texas. let's hope he can get up and walk off the court. have a great evening. >> bye bye.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
news. sofia, jen and lady gaga still details on their i do's. >> now on "extra".." >> jen and courtney from friends to rival brides. >> who do you think is going to have the first wedding? >> gaga planning a beach side ceremony with taylor. >> who is human in order to be ee loepg? >> emma tone calling out bradley cooper and our own aj. >> there's a little bromance. >> yes, ma'am ma was tracking cooper's workouts on the set of aloha. >> you are about to be